Zach Crist

If you have lived in the area for more than a month, or if you’ve ever gone to a Warren Miller movie or watched the X Games, you know Zach Crist. His on-snow accomplishments are dazzling. A member of the US Ski Team from 1991-1998, Zach competed on the World Cup for seven seasons and then moved onto skier cross. Nine X Games appearances and gold, silver and bronze medals later, he became a backcountry ski guide and can boast first descents in the Himalayas, New Zealand, Greenland, Alaska and Idaho. When he’s not on skis, Zach spends quality time with his children and family and can be found surfing, kayaking and mountain biking. Though he’s never skated on figure skates, Zach is counting on his amazing edge control to translate into an epic performance. This “aspiring intermediate skater” said he cannot wait to learn to dance on ice.

Zach is competing on behalf of the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation.

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