Lisa Marie Allen

Lisa Marie Allen, co-artist director of Battle of the Blades, is one of our local figure skating treasures. An Olympic competitor, nationally-recognized choreographer and outstanding coach, she is an incredible asset to the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club and to our community.

Her accomplishments are many. In her competitive career she was American Open Professional Champion in 1997; World Professional Champion, Jaca, Spain in 1990; 3x US Ladies Silver Medalist from 1978-1980; 2x US Free Skating Champion in 1978 and 1980; 1980 Olympic Team Member; 5x World Team member from 1977-1981 and US Junior Ladies Champion in 1975.

Lisa Marie has also had a great impact on the skating world from behind-the-scenes. She was the assistant choreographer at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games Opening and Closing ceremonies in Salt Lake City; the associate choreographer on the film Blades of Glory starring Will Farrell and John Heder and a choreographer for a television special starring Scott Hamilton.

A consummate performer, Lisa Marie has been a featured star in "The Memory of All That... Gershwin On Ice" national tour, Ice Capades national touring company, Celebration On Ice, ABC Tour of China, Champions on Ice and many other productions.

Gia Guddat

If you have attended a Sun Valley Summer Ice Show anytime during the past 16 years, chances are, you have seen something Gia Guddat created. The co-artistic director of Battle of the Blades, has acted as artistic director, choreographer and performer for that show, bringing some of the most memorable programs from concept to reality.

She also acted as the artistic director for many of the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club's sold-out spring shows including "E-Skate to Africa" and "Ice Rink Musical."

A beloved and sought-after skating coach for both members of the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club and visiting skaters from around the world, Gia has woven her magic on many aspiring stars. Her innovative choreography has helped students win artistic and national showcase titles.

Gia is a highly accomplished skater in her own right. A double gold medalist in Freestyle and Dance, Canadian professional silver medalist, and US open Bronze medalist, Gia has wowed audiences around the world. Professional credits include: "Torvill and Dean's World Tour," "Champion's on Ice," German "Stars on Ice," "Mysterio" in Europe, "Spherical" in China, "Brazil on Ice," Royal Caribbean's ice shows, as well as the "Ice Theatre of New York."

In addition to performing, Gia has also choreographed for many touring shows and television specials including: Disney on Ice, "Little Mermaid," Nancy Kerrigan's "Christmas on Ice" and "Halloween on Ice" TV specials and tours and the Beijing Olympic "Gymnastic Superstars" tour and TV special. Most recently, she served as the creative producer for "Frosted Pink with a Twist" on ABC TV and last years' "Kaleidoscope" show for Fox TV.