By Becca Hemmingway

Welcome to Battle of the Blades: Ice … It’s Hard! Where else in the world could an event like this be pulled off locally? We have one of the world’s only, four-season outdoor ice rinks and many of the globe’s best figure skaters call Sun Valley home. And where else could you find nine amazingly talented and accomplished individuals in their own right, willing to put their dignity on the line, in the pursuit of the greater good? Our celebrity contestants and their pros have trained tirelessly to get out here tonight and compete for many worthy causes, and you will be amazed at what they have accomplished in a very short amount of time.

Now, we couldn’t have pulled this off without an army of accomplished volunteers who helped us build this event from scratch and I salute each and every one of you. Neither could we have put on the quality of production you’re about to see, without the support of our individual and business sponsors. I particularly would like to thank, 5B Garage, Caleb Baukol and Bex Wilkinson, Richard and Kimberly Selby and Sun Valley Resort, without whose generosity, we could not have kept our ticket prices low.

When we recruited our team, we knew that we were going to have a lot of fun and we knew that we were going to put on a darn good show – but we also had another extremely important goal in mind. And that goal is to make the sport of figure skating accessible and affordable for every child in this Valley who desires to pursue it. Towards that end, the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club will use any proceeds, above and beyond the $3,000 in prize money that goes to our non-profit partners, to make this vision a reality. In partnership with Sun Valley Resort, we have already embarked on this mission by creating brand-new group programing that gives children competitive-level instruction without the need for private lessons.

So, if you feel inspired by what you’re about to witness; if you feel inspired to protect and preserve our Valley’s incredible figure skating legacy; if you feel inspired to help us create affordable, quality programming for children who have the dream to figure skate, but who lack the funds, please join us.

On your way out tonight, we will have our junior figure skating Club members stationed at the exits with their skates held aloft. And they will be delighted to accept any contribution, great or small, whether it be tomorrow’s latte change, or one of our Club donation forms filled out for a larger amount, to make this incredible treasure that we have right here in our backyard, available for all.

Thank you Wood River Valley - thank you for turning out to support us!

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