A HUGE thank you to all of you who helped make this night such an enjoyable one, and such a success!
Here are our intrepid volunteers (in alphabetical order):

Elizabeth Avery
Hayden Baker
Jolie Blair
Tara Burchmore
Camile Bourret
Isabella Caraluzzi
Colleen Chase
Brad Cleveland
Alyssa Corrao-Bal
Heather Coulthard
Michelle Cronin
Mike Cronin
Joan Curtis
Emma Dorinson
Steve Dorinson
Sonya Dunfield
Penny Eagan
Marlowe Early
Susan Flynt
Emmet Fortuin
Danielle Fuller
Stephanie Gerringa
Christy Giglio
Eddie Gornik
Pirie Grossman
Connie Hagestad
Blake Harmon
Alex Harten
Peter Hendricks
Isabella Kirk
Joan Lamb
Sarah Lucie
Ella Marks
Susanne Marx
Shayna Moellenberg
Michele Monnier
Millie Pensiero
Jake Peters
Joyce Pratt
Nicole Pratt
Linda Reiss
Louise Royston
Devon Sherrerd
Stacey Sholtis
Flynt Stewart
Sun Valley Figure Skating Club Board
Sun Valley Skating Center staff
Cody Wheeler
Marilyn Wankier
Jane Ware
Hunter Weaver

Top raffle ticket sellers:

Antonia Avery
Isabella Bourret
Isabella Cronin
Alexandra Harten
Blake Letourneau
Katie Peters
Alex Stuessi

To any member of the Battle of the Blades team that was inadvertently omitted, please accept our sincere apologies. This event could not have happened without every single person who showed up to help! Thank you!

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